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Government Debt Story 'UPA v/s NDA'

'The Economic Times' has Published an Article that Indian Government's Total Debt Liabilities have Increased by 50% in last Four & Half Year of Modi Era.

👉 As expected that is Half Information, Here is Full Scenario.

Government Total Debt Liabilities
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 Mar 2004 : 17,79,764 crore
 Jun 2009 : 28,98,918 crore
 Debt Liabilities have Increased by whopping 62.88% during 5 Years of UPA-I Government.
 Jun 2009 : 28,98,918 crore
 Jun 2014 : 54,90,763 crore
 Debt Liabilities have Increased by whopping 89.41% during 5 Years of UPA-II Government.
 Jun 2014 : 54,90,763 crore
 Sep 2018 : 82,03,253 crore
 Debt Liabilities have Increased by nominal 49.4% during 4 Years 4 Months of NDA Government.
Who has Done Damage ?

'World Bank' loans during UPA / NDA era.
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 'MMS' as Finance Minister -> 36.35% Increase in 'World Bank' loans.
1990-91: 19.12 Bn$
1995-96: 26.07 Bn$
 'Atal Bihari Vajpayee' as PM -> 2.52% Increase in 'World Bank' loans.
1997-98: 25.41 Bn$
2003-04: 26.05 Bn$
 'MMS' as PM (Sonia as Super PM) -> 46.60% Increase in 'World Bank' loans.
2003-04: 26.05 Bn$
2013-14: 38.19 Bn$
 'Modi' as Prime Minister -> (-ve) 4.82% Decrease in 'World Bank' loans.
2013-14: 38.19 Bn$
2016-17: 36.35 Bn$
Please don't Fall in Fake Media Narrative. Study the Figures yourself.

India's External Debt
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 Mar 2004 : $ 138.02 billion
 Mar 2014 : $ 446.20 billion
 India's 'External Debt' have Increased by whopping 223.28% during 10 Years of UPA.
 Mar 2014 : $ 446.20 billion
 Dec 2018 : $ 510.40 billion
India's 'External Debt' have Increased by nominal 14.39% during 4.5 Years of NDA.
Who has Done Damage ?

Debt to GDP Ratio

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'Debt' figure alone is Not the Economic Criterion, rather 'Debt to GDP Ratio' is The Economic Criterion.

UPA (10 Years) : 73.80 %
NDA (04 Years) : 69.08 %
Debt Burden have Significantly Reduced under 'Modi Government'.

How much Money 'Modi Government' saved in last 4.5 Years !

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'Modi Government' is able to carry-out Huge Infrastructure Development Projects, Defence Acquisitions, Public Welfare Schemes etc. despite wide burden of NPA, Scams, Subsidies that UPA left over ...
Know How ...
💰 Saving done by GoI in last 4.5 Years !
🅾 Government of India have Saved whopping 9.2 Lakh Crore Rs. in last 4.5 Years from Recoveries, Subsidies & others.
🔛 Black Money Recovered : 1.69 Lakh Crore
🔛 Recovery under 'Benami Act' : 4,300 Crore
🔛 Attached by ED : 38,500 Crore
🔛 DBT Saving : 90,012 Crore
🔛 Defence Saving from Make in India : 1.00 Lakh Crore
🔛 Lying Forgotten in US Account : 15,500 Crore
🔛 Savings Defence Deal Negotiations : 49,300 Crore
🔛 Saved from Coal Import : 1.00 Lakh Crore
🔛 Saved from Oil subsidies : 82,000 Crore
🔛 Saving from Ujala : 26,000 Crore
🔛 Rail Budget merger : 10,000 Crore
🅾 Government of India have Saved whopping 8.46 Lakh Crore Rs. in last 4.5 Years from NPA Recovery, Dis-investments & Auctions.
🔛 NPA Recovered : 2.61 Lakh Crore
🔛 Dis-investments saving : 2.29 Lakh Crore
🔛 Sale of minority Shareholding in CPSES : 1.75 Lac Crore
🔛 Saving from Auction of Mines : 1.81 Lakh Crore
🅾 GoI is about to Save 11.81 Lakh Crore in 1-2 Years, from ongoing Recovery, Auctions & others.
🔜 Expected NPA Recovery (FY18) : 1.80 Lakh Crore
🔜 Under IT Investigation : 2.89 Lakh Crore
🔜 Recovery from Enemy Property : 1 Lakh Crore
🔜 Monetisation of 100 National Highway : 1.5 Lakh Crore
🔜 Under Dis-Investment : 45,995 Crore
🔜 Sale of State Own Assets : 80,000 Crore
🔜 Saving from Coal Block auctions : 3.45 Lakh Crore
Total Savings done by GoI will be in Tune of 29.56 Lakh Crore or more than that. Here we must know that Additional Income from Enhanced Income-Tax base & GST is Not Considered here.

Jobs Jobs Jobs … !

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JOB’s … !
🅾 Central Statistics Office (CSO) Data showed that nearly 1.6 Crore Total Jobs Added in the 13-month period till Sep-18.
🅾 Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) Data says that 73.50 lakh new formal Jobs added in last 15 Months during Sep-17 and Nov-18.
🅾 India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) observations showed 268 Mobile Handset manufacturing units created 6.7 Lakh Jobs in last 4 Years.
🅾 Data released by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) shows that 1.43 Crore JOBs have been created in Transport Sector alone in last 4.5 Years.
🅾 Tourism Sector Jobs : Tourism Sector created 1.42 Crore Jobs in last 4 Years as per Ministry of Tourism (MoT).
🅾 Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme, (PMEGP) generated over 12.29 Lakh Jobs in last 4 Years.
🅾 IT & ITeS sector Jobs : As per Nasscom, 6 lac Jobs generated in IT & ITeS sector in last 3 years & around 2.5 to 3 million new jobs are expected to be created by 2025.
🅾 Renewable Energy : Mega Projects in India’s Renewable Sector have generated 1.64 lac Jobs in 2017 as per International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
🅾 Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation provided employment to 1 Crore people in last 4 Years.
🅾 Self Employment : 3.49 Crore New Entrepreneurs Benefited Through Mudra Yojana in last 4 Years.
🅾 Over 1 Crore People availed the benifit of Pradhanmantri Rozgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) in last 4.5 years.
🅾 Reality & Construction Sector employed 1.2 Crore workforce in first 3 years & will emply 1.5 Crore more by 2022 as per Economic survey.
🅾 Food Processing Industries created 4.90 lakh direct & indirect jobs in last 4 years. Sector to generate 9 million jobs by 2024 as per ASSOCHAM-Grant Thorton Research paper.
🅾 787.55 Crore Person Days generated in last 4 Years under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS).
🅾 Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDUGKY) generated 3.57 Lakh Jobs & National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) generated 3.23 lakh Jobs in last 4 years.
🅾 Indian Railway Jobs : Railway recruiting for over 1 Lac safety posts and New Railway projects and recruitment drive would take the total number of Railway jobs to almost 4 lakh in the next 2 years.
🅾 Highway Projects will create create employment of 50 crore man-days in 4 years.
🅾 Healthcare : As per Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Healthcare industry to create 4 million new jobs by 2026.
🅾 Common Service Centres (CSCs) : Around 2.22 Lac CSC’s opened in last 4.5 years which generated Employment for 6-8 lakh people.
🅾 Start-Ups : As per ‘MeritTrac’, Start-Up ecosystem in India may hire 2.5-3 lakh employees by 2020.
🅾 Textile industry likely to create only 29 lakh jobs over next 5 Years as per Industry body ‘Texprocil’ & ‘EY’.
🅾 Telecommunications Jobs : National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) aims to create 40 lakh new jobs by 2022.
🅾 Logistic Sector under ‘Sagarmala’, ‘Waterways’, ‘Freight Corridor’, etc. to create 30 lakh Jobs in next 4 years.
🅾 India’s biggest infra project ‘BharatMala’ will create 1 cr jobs.
🅾 Centre’s flagship ‘Ayushman Bharat’ will create 2 lakh jobs in 5 years.
🅾 Direct Selling Companies to generate 1.8 Crore Jobs by 2025 as per Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) and consulting company KPMG.
🅾 Automobile Industry : Automobile Sector is likely to generate over 6.5 Crore Direct & Indirect Jobs by 2026.
Who’s saying Narendra Modi Government didn’t created Jobs.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


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 'MMRCA' was supposed to be 20 Bn$ and above Deal for 126 Aircrafts during UPA, per Aircraft Cost was Not 526 Crore, it was ~1032 Crore without 'Technological Advancements', 'Weapon Package', 'Availability Contract' etc.
 IAF put the critical gap requirement at the time of ABV Govt. Govt quickly got it to action & started process. This was took over by Congress after 2004 elections. RFP was out in 2007 but bids were open in 2011. Even after 4 years of delay, deal was never finalized by Congress.
 Then Defence Minister 'A. K. Antony' Differed 'Rafale Deal' on budgetary constraints & informed in a Media Conference. He said 'UPA don't have Money' & left 'Rafale' Deal for Next Government.
 Then 'MMRCA deal' was stalled due to disagreements over production in India. 'Dassault' refused to take responsibility for the 108 'HA'L-manufactured (read assembled).
 In 2011, Confidential File on 'MMRCA' Deal was found on road-Side in 'Delhi'. This was the Seriousness of then 'UPA' Government.
 UPA tried to offer then 'Rafale Deal' to Sanjay Bhandari's company, A close Friend of 'Robert Vadra'. Why ?
 Dassault's "Rafale" Fighter Aircraft, was chosen through post evaluation in 'MMRCA' deal by UPA itself as L1 bidder in Feb'2012.
 In 2012, 'Reliance Industries' was picked as Offset Partner in 'MMRCA', Offset Partner was NOT an issue then. Why ?
 Not Revealing Item-wise details of the 'Rafale' contract, the Government is merely following in letter and spirit the confidentiality provisions of a bilateral India-France Agreement of 2008 signed by the previous Government.
 Congress continuously crying in public BUT Congress officially distances itself from the PIL submitted against 'Rafale Deal' in Supreme Court. Why ?
 Last year in Sept'17 'Rahul Gandhi' along with 'Sam Pitroda' visited US. All the attacks on 'Rafale' deal started just after tht visit. What Happened ?
 Congress tried to manufacture propaganda based on Media blogs published by 2 Bloggers (Mediapart) of France. Ex-President of France 'Hollande' himself made clear that He was NOT aware of & He didn't gave any Statement.
 Congress cites 2016 letter by MoD 'Babu' i.e . But The 'Babu' - 'Rajiv Verma (Joint Sec MoD)', refutes the allegation & has indicated that he was not punished by the Government.
 Present 'Rafale Deal' is Government to Government Deal. No Mediator Involved. There is NO Possibility of Any SCAM. French President also given statement on that. All 36 'Rafale' Aircrafts will come in Flyaway condition.
 Modi Governments 'RafaleDeal' is Much Better & Economical Than 'Egypt' (5.2 Bn Euro - 24 Jets) & 'Qatar' (6.3 Bn Euro - 24 Jets). No Offset Obligation & etc.
 Congress barked & tried to show that 2016 'Rafale Deal' was loss making. Fact remains 'Modi GoI' saved 12,600 Crore over it.
 Anil Ambani Slaps Rs 5,000 Crore Defamation Suit On Congress's National Herald for defaming th Group.
 'Dassault Aviation' cleared that "French government is in no manner involved in the choice of Indian industrial partners". 'Dassault' has Freely chosen 'Reliance' as offset partner & made JV in Feb'2017 and informed too.
 'Reliance' is not the only partner in this project. “Other partnerships have been signed with companies such as BTSL, DEFSYS, Kinetic, Mahindra, Maini and Samtel. But why Media and Congress is after Reliance only ? Hundred Indian companies and partnerships have already been concluded with about 30 of them.
 The joint-venture, Dassault Reliance Aerospace Ltd (DRAL), was created February 10, 2017. This plant will manufacture parts for Falcon 2000 business jets and, in a second step, parts for Rafale aircraft later.
 'Offset Obligation' in 58,000 cr 'Rafale Deal' doen't mean that India will first Pay that amount to 'Dassault' & then 'Dassault' will re-invest 30,000 from it. Payment is done to 'France Government', not to 'Dassault'. 'Offset' is just an re-investment.
 JV with 'Reliance' will deliver about 10% of Offsets of 'Dassault' only. Signing an offset contract is a requirement of Indian law (Defence Procurement Procedure). Statement issued by (Dassault Aviation CEO).
 Reliance Defence - Dassault will offer Rs 850 crore worth of offsets in 51% - 49% Ratio. On the allegation of offsets worth Rs 30,000 crore going to the Reliance Defence joint venture with Dassault, Trappier said that number was inaccurate. Dassault will invest only Rs 425 crore in JV that too in 4-5 Years time.
 Deputy Chief Air Marshal R. Nambiar cleared that There is nothing like Rs 30,000 crore to any one party. 'Dassault' alone has offsets to the tune of over Rs 6,500 crore only. Nothing more than that.
 Congress, approached 'CAG' and informed in Press conference, but CAG Officials didn't gave any Comment on their behalf.
 The Supreme Court has rejected Demand to probe 'Rafale Deal'. SC clarified that it does not want information on 'Pricing and Technical particulars'. SC did not issue notice to the Centre.
 The Supreme Court on 14-Dec-2018 gave the Narendra Modi government a clean chit on the procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets from France and dismissed all the petitions seeking a direction to the CBI to register an FIR for alleged irregularities in the deal.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What #Modi has done for 'Varanasi' !

What #Modi Ji have done for 'Varanasi' !
 Deendayal Hastkala Sankul – a trade facilitation centre for Handicrafts.
 Foundation Stone laid for an International Convention Centre in Varanasi.
 1535 Km City Gas Distribution (CGD) Project have been Inaugurated in Varanasi.
 Samsung MSME institute has been established in Varanasi.
 Banking Services of the 'Utkarsh Bank', inaugurated.
 PM lays of foundation stone for 'Chowk' & ' Kajjatpur' Substations of Varanasi under IPDS.
 Eleven old substations have also been modernised.
 Underground Cable work is going-on in full swing.
 1380 Km long waterway is being developed from Haldia to Varanasi.
 Multi-model terminal, a river Information system, a night navigation system and Ro-Ro Crossing gifted.
 Scheme for solar powered e-Boats Varanasi, they will help bring down pollution.
 IMS-BHU getting developed developed like AIIMS with funding & facilities.
 Foundation stone laid for Madan Mohan Malviya Cancer Centre having 250 beds.
 180 Bed, Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital in Varanasi (run by the Tata Memorial Trust) with Central Assistance.
 Foundation stone laid 250-bed Centenary Super Specialty Complex at IMS.
 334 bed trauma centre in 'Banaras Hindu University', grant per BPL person also increased from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh.
 Pandeypur ESI Hospital, the number of beds has been increased from 60 to 150, ESI dispensary to be revamped.
 Chaikaghat and Durgakund maternity hospitals have also been revamped.
 Ghats of Varanasi turn brighter than ever before. LED lights puts on Ganga Ghats.
 Integrated Command and Control Centre, for Smart City.
 Waste Disposal Plant getting set-up at 9 places.
 50 public Urinals & 153 public Toilets have been constructed.
 Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in Ramana, Varanasi, as a part of Namami Gange Programme.
 Renovation of 26 major bathing ghats on the Ganga under the Nanami Ganga programme at a cost of almost Rs 12 crore.
 Green Initiative kicked-off, 101 e-rickshaws, 102 pedal rickshaws, 150 hand carts, 250 trolley rickshaws, 1,000 solar lights, 1,500 readymade toilets distributed.
 Jal Ambulance service, and a Jal Shav Vahan service launched in Varanasi.
 PM Narendra Modi launches financial inclusion initiative in Varanasi.
 Passenger reservation facility at Ramnagar Post Office.
 Solar Scheme launched for e-Rickshaw in Varanasi.
 Six-laning of Handia-Varanasi section of NH-2 cleared by Cabinet.
 80 Km long, 'Panchkoshi Parikrama Marg' Foundation Stone Laid by PM Modi.
 Varanasi ring road is also being constructed foundation laid by PM Modi.
 Link Road for connecting 'Poorvanchal Exp.' with Varanasi.
 Widening of 125 KM stretch of Varanasi-Hanumanaha road is also being carried out.
 Widening and beautification of Babatpur airport to Kachehri road.
 Varanasi-Sultanpur four-lane project foundation laid.
 Varanasi-Ballia MEMU train for passengers Flagged-Off by PM Narendra Modi.
 Varanasi-Vadodra Mahamana Express Flagged Off.
 Varanasi Metro' project approved by Cabinet. DPR is ready.
 Air services and facilities for have been improved at the Babatpur airport.
 Direct flights from Varanasi to Hyderabad, Bhubaneshwar and Bengaluru have started operating.
 Flight from Varanasi (VNS) to Jerusalem (JRS)
 Direct Flight from Varanasi to Colombo.
Note: Above mentioned are the Major Work / Projects carried out by #OurBeloved PM Narendra Modi Ji in #Varanasi.

Government Debt Story 'UPA v/s NDA'

'The Economic Times' has Published an Article that Indian Government's Total Debt Liabilities have Increased by 50% in last Fo...